With the expansion of hotspots and the increased use of smart devices such as iPhones and the Blackberry, hotel wireless network access has become the norm for many people across the UK and Europe. There is an increasing expectation that this service is provided and it forms one of the main criteria people now use to decide on their accommodation.

Experience is everything as there are factors that affect the location and quantity of Wireless equipment needed.

Provider of Hotel Wireless Network Solutions

Our experience in providing wireless guest systems is one of our major unique selling points. Our staff have many years experience and expertise in installing and maintaining wireless networks from small independent boutique accommodation to large hotels part of a group and with hundreds of rooms.

There are many benefits for you as the owner in providing internet access for your customers. The benefits include:

  • Providing hotel wireless internet services may help to attract new customers to your business.
  • By keeping your customers at the hotel for longer you can increase the revenue stream of other areas of your business, such as restaurants and leisure facilities.
  • Providing an additional service such as Internet Access can give you competitive advantage over other hotels in your area
  • Occupation levels can increase as business individuals and younger generations in particular want to remain in contact with the outside world
  • A Wireless Network can be deployed with speed and can eliminate the need to put expensive cable through walls and ceilings, reducing expense.
  • Wireless often removes the need for complex cabling meaning installation can take place with minimum disruption.
  • Wireless Networks can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet the changing needs of your hotel. Adapting the network to future requirements is straight forward, which extends the viability of your investment.
  • Wi-Fi availability can also help improve ratings with tourist boards and other qualifying authorities.
  • We take away the hassle of running your own hotel wireless network by providing full support to you and your customers.

The Guest Management System

Our Guest Management System (GMS) forms part of the overall solution. The GMS automatically monitors the time allocated to each username or time-code and suspends the account when all the time purchased is used up or has expired.

The GMS also prevents users that aren’t authorised from accessing the wireless network by using Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA). For security, the integrated DHCP server and firewall with Denial of Service (DoS) Protection safeguards the network from malicious attacks and hackers.

Our Guest Management System ensures that your network can only be accessed by guests and assists with the 2009 anti-terror legislation requiring all organisations providing public internet access to log user name, address and IP address details.